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After opening more than 100 stores in three new markets in 18 months, Danish retailer NORMAL is ready to take on its fifth market. The choice fell on France, more precisely Paris. NORMAL sells quite normal goods at quite abnormal prices, and NORMAL has grown into a chain of more than 200 stores around Scandinavia and in the Netherlands in just six years. Now they are moving on to France.

The first Parisian stores

The first Parisian NORMAL store will open on 16 August 2019, and a total of three stores will open during the first opening week. Paris has been carefully selected as the first French city to embark: "Paris is a metropole which includes a student community, tourists as well as a local and business environment. This is very attractive to us, and Paris was an obvious choice", Torben Mouritsen, CEO at NORMAL, says.

"We have spend the last couple of months getting all things ready with shopworkers, leasehold premises and various marketing activities", Torben Mouritsen says. "We were very keen on trying out our concept outside of Scandinavia and based on one year of activities in the Netherlands, with four new stores there, we are so excited to take on yet another European country".

"We can't wait to open our first stores in Paris, and we are very eager to introduce our concept to the French consumers. At NORMAL, you are always sure to get a good deal, and I am convinced that the French will also appreciate this. Maybe some people already know the concept; we have talked to several enthusiastic French people who know our stores from visits to Denmark and the Netherlands", Torben Mouritsen says.

Cécile Limousin, Operations Director, says: "Eurocommercial is excited that NORMAL will open their first store in France in Passage du Havre. We think that this new retailer will break codes with fun and a true new experience in the purchase of daily products, thanks to its sympathetic atmosphere and unique concept unseen in France so far. Our experience with NORMAL on our Swedish portfolio, reveal a very good success that we expect to obtain in our Parisian asset."

No expensive intermediaries

NORMAL is different from other retailers because this chain markets and sells normal goods at quite normal prices – only cheaper.

"We offer a wide range of branded goods within household products, personal care and numerous basic products that are well-known to many people and already present in many people's bathrooms, kitchens and cleaning cupboards, e.g. L’Oreal, Gillette, Colgate and Ajax, but we can often sell these goods at prices that are below market price", Torben Mouritsen explains.

NORMAL has a competitive advantage since the chain charges significantly lower prices for branded goods. This is made possible by importing the goods from distributors all over the EU. All products are purchased in the cheapest possible way to avoid expensive intermediaries.

Fun and exciting shopping experiences

There is much more to NORMAL than fixed low prices on branded goods, however. The stores also offer new and interesting shopping experiences with a constant flow of new products on the shelves. And you can also find some exotic brands known e.g. from American television shows or similar.

"We aim to give our customers a unique experience every time they come to one of our stores. Therefore, we keep getting new products in the stores, in addition to the permanent assortment, to make it interesting and fun to go exploring our stores over and over again", Torben Mouritsen explains.

NORMAL's way of communicating with its customers and the market is also quite different from that of other retailers. Rather than trying to persuade customers that they will be quite special if they do their shopping at NORMAL, the concept – referring to its name - advances a humoristic tribute to normality; because in the end it is actually quite normal to be normal.

Gigantic opening event

NORMAL will open its first stores in Paris this August. The chain has made a practice of having massive opening parties, and the French consumers can look forward to lots of goodie bags, contests and giveaways.

"We look forward to giving our French customers great shopping experiences and offer them branded goods at fixed low prices. Whenever we open a new store in a foreign country, we are overwhelmed by the many positive responses that we get from our customers. We are so excited to see how the French will like the NORMAL concept", Torben Mouritsen says.


  • NORMAL will be opening three stores in Paris at the following addresses:
    • Passage Du Havre on 16 August
    • Rosny2 on 17 August
    • Belle Epine on 24 August
  • NORMAL buys branded goods all over the EU, wherever they are cheapest
  • The goods sold include personal care articles, household products, cosmetics, animal food, stationary, health foods, beverages etc. The product range comprises more than 2,500 item codes; always a permanent assortment of goods, constantly supplemented by new branded goods
  • NORMAL opened its first store in Denmark in April 2013
  • Today, the chain has more than 200 stores in Scandinavia and the Netherlands
  • The chain expects to open more stores in France in the years to come
  • The team behind NORMAL includes founder of the Danish web shop, Torben Mouritsen, and owner of the Bestseller chain, Anders Holch Povlsen
  • Follow NORMAL on Facebook France for updates on opening events and contests:
  • Visit the website


For further information, please contact Torben Mouritsen, CEO, on +45 40 41 32 52.