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Danish retail chain NORMAL welcomes two new partners in the Netherlands

In only five years, NORMAL, a Danish retailer selling perfectly normal goods at abnormal prices, has grown into a chain of more than 150 stores in Denmark, Sweden and Norway - and now also with the Netherlands as its latest expansion. Since the summer of 2018, a total of three stores have opened in the Netherlands; in Utrecht, Amersfoort and Leiden.

The next opening in the Netherlands will be headed by NORMAL’s two new Dutch partners, Björn van Driessche and Paul van Dooren. Björn’s most recent position was as Country Manager of Flying Tiger Copenhagen, whereas Paul is strongly rooted in the Dutch real estate business.

NORMAL partners

“When we search for NORMAL partners, we are mainly on the lookout for competencies, dedication and leadership. Competencies, in our view, equals experienced retailers with extensive knowledge of the market. Dedication, to us, comprises extremely driven people who are always willing to go the extra mile. Last but not least, we look for leaders who can set up the perfect team”, Torben Mouritsen, CEO of NORMAL, says. “Paul and Björn represent just that, and we look very much forward to cooperating with them“, Torben Mouritsen says.

To NORMAL, it is important to have partners who know about the culture-specific elements of each country but who also fit into the NORMAL culture. Paul and Björn are convinced that NORMAL’s concept and the Dutch people will be a perfect match.

”We look forward to being at the head of NORMAL in the Netherlands and introducing the concept in even more cities. When shopping in a NORMAL store you are always sure to make a good bargain, and I know for a fact that the Dutch people will appreciate this,” Paul van Dooren says. 

Björn van Driessche, drawing on his experience from Flying Tiger Copenhagen, has no doubts either:

”NORMAL distinguishes itself from other retail chains by selling perfectly normal goods to perfectly normal people – only cheaper. We offer a wide variety of branded goods within household, personal care and basic commodities already known and used by many people in their bathrooms, kitchens and households, e.g. L’Oreal, Gillette, Colgate and Ajax, but we are often able to sell the goods 30 - 50 % below market price”.

NORMAL continuously succeeds in competing on significantly lower prices on branded goods, mainly because NORMAL buys its goods all over Europe where ever prices are the lowest, and also because its distributors benefit from very low marketing costs.

 Fun and exciting shopping

But NORMAL has much more to offer than just everyday goods at bargain prices: NORMAL also features outstanding shopping scenarios by continuously offering new items in the stores, including brands that you will otherwise only find in other countries, for instance that special soft drink featured in an American tv-series or the chocolate bar that you have been craving for since your last vacation.

”Our goal is to give our customers a unique shopping experience whenever they visit our stores. That’s why we continuously supplement our permanent assortment with new items that make it fun and exciting to go exploring our stores”, Paul van Dooren says.

NORMAL facts

  • NORMAL buys branded goods all over the EU, where ever prices are the lowest. 
  • NORMAL’s product range comprises personal care products, household goods, cosmetics, pet food, office supplies, health food, beverages etc. The product range now includes more than 3,500 items. NORMAL offers a standard assortment of goods which is continuously supplemented by new branded goods.
  • NORMAL opened its first store in Denmark in April 2013.
  • Today, NORMAL has more than 150 stores in four different countries.
  • In the years to come, NORMAL expects to open even more stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.
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  • For further information, please contact Björn van Driessche +31 6 37417610